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Rules and Timeline
Creating Teams
A Battle of the Books team may consist of two to four members and each individual school decides on how to create their team. A team may consist of four students from one grade level or perhaps a combination of grade levels.  It is up to you and your school.
Each school may have a maximum of three teams (one per division).
Some schools choose to have alternates prepare with their teams. Alternates who are not replacing one of the original members of the team are permitted to be present during the competition but must not sit with the team or participate verbally or non-verbally.
Battle Rules
The Battle will consist of 25 questions which are answered by providing the title and author of the book. Ten points will be awarded for the correct title and five points for the correct author. Titles and authors must be written in full as listed on the web site when answering the test questions in February. No points will be given for a partial title or if only the last name of the author is listed. Minor spelling mistakes will be acceptable for the elementary and middle school divisions, but no spelling and punctuation errors will be accepted for the senior high division.
Multiple questions may appear on certain titles and some titles may not be asked about at all. Teams may not use a title/author list or any notes. The time spent answering questions must be monitored by the media specialist or teacher. Teams will have 30 minutes to answer the questions. Because of differing school calendars, battles may be conducted within a week's time period. Schools must compete by the end of February. Additional questions will appear after the first 25 questions of the competition which will be used in case of ties. Your team will answer these tie breaker questions at the same time as the battle. The answers will only be scored in the case of a tie, and will be scored awarding 2 points for the correct title and 1 point for the correct author.
Battle booklists will be posted around June 1st. Students may begin reading the required books as soon as the list is posted. Online registration should be available by mid-September. Registrations will be accepted through December 15th. Practice questions will be available on the Moodle site by December 1st. In each division your team will have the opportunity to take a practice battle set up exactly like the state battle during the two weeks prior to the competition week.  The state battle will take place the last full week in February. Official announcement of the top teams will take place early in March. Winning schools and advisors will be announced at the spring WEMTA conference and plaques will be sent to the schools in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, unless you will be attending the conference.
June 1
Official book lists available
Oct 1
Questions due from readers
Nov 15
Registration due ($15)
Nov 16 - Dec 15
Late registration accepted ($30)
Dec 1
Practice questions available on Moodle after registration is paid
February, for 2 weeks prior to competition
Practice battle available
February, last full week
Competition week
1st week March
Winners announced - Results available on Moodle
1st week March
Suggestions accepted for next year's battle lists
WEMTA Spring Conference
Winning teams recognized