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Ribbons and Pins

If you didn't order additonal awards during the registration process, you can edit  My Events or use the shopping cart below, however, only a Paypal account or credit card payment is accepted.

If you need to order ribbons or pins with a District Purchase Order, please email or fax the WEMTA office with the quantity needed, purchase order information, and the shipping address for the order. The email addess is and the fax number is (608) 848-9266.

Each team receives 5 ribbons with each registration. You may order additional ribbons, in quantities of 5, for a cost of $ 1.00.  You may also order pins, in quantities of 5, for a cost of $10.00.



Shopping Cart Instructions:

To purchase additional ribbons or pins, click on the appropriate link below.   

Click on the "Add to Cart" button, then "Continue Shopping" or "Proceed to Checkout."   

Complete the Customer & Shipping Information on the Shopping Cart - Check Out screen.  

Click "Review Your Order."



Picture Title Price
Battle of the Books Pins (5 Pins) $10.00
Battle of the Books Ribbons - Elementary (5) $1.00
Battle of the Books Ribbons - Middle Level (5) $1.00
Battle of the Books Ribbons - High Level (5) $1.00