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Golden Archer Awards




Primary: Students in kindergarten and early grades
Intermediate: Students in upper elementary grades
Middle/Junior High: Students in upper grades, middle school, or junior high school



Books must be...

  • recognized as noteworthy and of special interest to students. 
  • now in print and readily available.
  • published within the last five (5) years.
  • individual book titles, not series names.



Some library media specialists include titles from more than one level (primary, intermediate, middle/junior high) in their school's voting, but each student is allowed only one vote.

Votes at the various levels (primary, intermediate, middle/junior high) should be collected by the participating library media specialist or teacher and sent to the Golden Archer Committee via the online Voting Ballot.  Any actual paper ballots you used or collected are not turned in to WEMTA.  You may create and use any sort of ballot you would like.

Voting for 2016 is now closed.  Thank you for participating! 



The library media specialist and/or classroom teacher solicit nominations from their students. Nominated titles are sent to the Golden Archer Committee via the online Nomination Ballot.

Each participating school may nominate a maximum of five (5) books for each category (primary, intermediate, middle/junior high) that is represented in that school.  All nominated titles should have a copyright year within the last five (5) years. 

All nominations should include the number of students nominating each title.

Book nominations for 2017 are due by May 1st. 

Nominating for 2017 is now closed. Thank you for your participation! 


The winners will be announced at the annual WEMTA Conference.  Golden Archer Medal stickers are available for purchase at the WEMTA Conference and on the WEMTA website.

Please email questions and suggestions to Golden Archer Committee Chair, Michele Green.

The Golden Archer Award is sponsored by the Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association.

Rainbow Book Company
The WI Golden Archer Award is supported by Rainbow Book Company.