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Do I or does the school media specialist need to be a WEMTA Member?
Membership in WEMTA is greatly encouraged but our primary motivation is to encourage reading. Non-members should realize communication about the battle will be through the WEMTA Dispatch, the distribution list, this web page and the Moodle site.

Public libraries may sponsor a battle team only if the school in their area is not sponsoring a team. Public librarians are expected to check with the local schools. Librarians are also expected to monitor the test. 

How do I get my team to the competition site?
The beauty of the Internet and email is that there is no travelling involved. Participating schools can answer the battle questions through the Moodle site any time during the last full week in February. Questions need to be answered within a 30 minute time period. 
Can 3rd graders participate with an elementary team? How about 5th graders with a middle school team? Or 7th graders with a high school team?

Due to a variety of school conditions and configurations it might be difficult to manage participation in one of the three divisions (elementary 4-6, middle 6-8, and high school 8-12) sponsored by WEMTA’s Battle of the Books program. Therefore, a younger grade may participate with the next higher division AT THE DISCRETION OF THE TEAM ADVISOR. The team advisor should take into consideration the reading and maturity level of the books selected for the Battle division and the reading load for the younger participant.

Under no circumstances would an older grade be allowed to participate with a lower division, i.e. 7th grader in the elementary division or 9th grader in the middle division. 
What book titles are being used?
Please see the list posted on this website, the Moodle site, or check the Fall WEMTA Dispatch. Emphasis is placed on award winning books, Golden Archer nominees, and suggestions by the coaches. 

How many copies of each title should I purchase for my building?
This is a school-by-school decision. Probably, at least 2 copies of each should be purchased; however, if you're in a larger school and the demand is high more copies would probably be needed. One school had 96 students participate in the battle program, so the advisor tried to have 4 copies of each title. 

Are the practice questions "hard copy" or online?
The practice questions will be made available on the Moodle site on December 1st.  Advisors/teams will be enrolled after payment has been received. 

Will there be enough questions provided on the 20 books to use for our in-school battles?
That is the intention. We try to get at least two readers for each title so we will have a large bank of questions. Care to help? 

How will I know which team is the one I want to represent my school?
Each school is responsible for choosing its team of four students. Practice questions will be provided in December for you to use in determining your team members. 

What is the format of the contest?
Each question is worded: "Name the book . . . " or "In which book . . . " Answers are title and author. 

Can the media specialist give the team the definition of a word in the sentence to clarify the meaning?
The definition of a word may be given as long as you are not giving away the answer.

Does spelling count?
Minor spelling errors will be accepted at the elementary and middle level. The senior division is expected to be error free. 

Can a school test all of its teams and then send in the best score?
No, each school site will have one team per division answer the questions. The elementary division has a drop down menu where the answer is selected from a list.  The middle and senior divisions must type the correct answer. An electronic format is used to submit your team's test. 

What if my team doesn't agree with an answer on the State Battle?
You are allowed to make a challenge through the Wednesday after State Battle week. Please prepare your challenge with the reason/s you disagree and include wording and pages. Please contact your division chair. 

What will the winning school receive as a prize?
A plaque will be presented to the schools which place first, second, and third. This is not a travelling plaque, it will remain in the school building. The plaques will be engraved with the school name, team members' names, and the name of the coach. The plaques can be picked up during the WEMTA Spring Conference or if not attending they are mailed to the winning schools.

5 ribbons are included in each entry. Additional ribbons ($1.00 for pkg of 5) and/or pins ($2.00 each
) can also be ordered when you register.  

If my team wins, should I bring them to the WEMTA Conference?
The winning teams are announced during the WEMTA Spring Conference. . . . not a very interesting event for students. Our recommendation is once you receive the plaque have an awards ceremony at your school recognizing your teams' achievement. 

Who determines the titles on the reading lists?
Committee members from each of the divisions work together to determine the lists; however, they solicit input from the students in Wisconsin and the coaches. Golden Archer nominees are used as much as possible. Coaches also have the opportunity to make suggestions by the first Friday in March of each year. Those suggestions are put on a list and coaches have the opportunity to vote for their choices through an end-of-battle survey.