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BOB Committee


A large number of people are involved in running this program. Yolan Mistele coordinates the registration process.  Dawn Totzke is the Moodle coordinator.  Jeff Carpenter and Debby Walters oversee the entire program. Each of the three divisions has volunteers that provide input, help with book selection, write questions, and other tasks.

Any endeavor such as this requires two things: schools to participate and people to help make the program a reality. Please feel free to contact the appropriate division with questions about how you can contribute to the program:

Elementary Division:

Jeff Carpenter (co-coordinator)  

Cathy Retzer 

Rocky Shutter  

Middle Division:

Kim Christiansen  

Kate Ewing 

Diane Hilbrink 

Amy Thurow

Debby Walters (co-coordinator) 

Senior Division:

Liz Bade 

Cassandra Jacobs

Sarah Gumtow

Kathy Prestidge


Dawn Totzke (Moodle)

Yolan Mistele (registration)    Phone: 715-892-7222