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To update your personal information, please click in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage screen to login to your WEMTA  membership account.  Then click on My Profile in the upper right-hand corner of the next screen to edit your profile.

Membership Profile reminders:

  • Login ID:    Your username or login ID is the email address you have on file with WEMTA.  When you change your email address in the WEMTA database, your Login ID is automatically changed for the next time you login.
  • Legislative Districts:  WEMTA is a politically active organization and occasionally messages are emailed to WEMTA members in specific legislative districts.  Please be certain to indicate your home legislative districts in your membership account.  See for help in identifying your legislators.
  • Work Information:    Names and addresses of Wisconsin public school districts and schools, as well as private schools and CESAs, have already been entered into the WEMTA database.  Select your organization type and search for your district, school, or organization.  If it is not in the database, you will be able to enter the name and address for your work place.  Retirees and other individuals who do not have or use a work address should select the individual/retiree radio button and answer the questions.
  • Home Information:    Retirees, students, and other individuals who wish to use their home address as their primary contact information should be certain to fill out this section completely.  All WEMTA members are encouraged to complete their home information, also.
  • Contact Preference:    Please indicate whether you would like your work or home address and phone to be used for your primary contact.  Note:  Your email address and the phone number checked in this section will be listed in the online member directory.  If you would prefer that your phone number not be listed in the member directory, please contact the WEMTA Manager at
  •  Categories:    Are you a member of a AASL, ISTE, WLA, and/or SIG?  If so, please check the appropriate boxes so you can be included in relevant mailings or emails.