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Special Interest Groups

WEMTA encourages groups of members who have a common interest related to the mission of the Association to form a Special Interest Group (SIG).

Process for forming a SIG:

  • A representative from the proposed SIG must present a petition with 20 or more signatures to the WEMTA Board.
  • The Board must approve the formation of a planning group to develop a formal proposal to be presented to the Board.
  • The planning group creates formal proposal to present to the Board for approval.
    The formal proposal must include:
         Rationale for the proposed SIG.
         Proposed activities
         Proposed budget for activities
         Proposed slate of Officers
         Selection process of Officers.
  •  The Board acts on the final proposal and approves a budget.

Responsibilities of a SIG:

  • The SIG is required to report the following to the Board:

     Agendas and announcements of meetings
     Meeting minutes within 30 days of approval
     An annual report to include membership, a report of activities

  • The SIG will submit annually a proposal for the upcoming year’s operational and activities expenses in accordance with the regular budget process.
  • The SIG will be responsible for providing a minimum of one workshop or professional development offering at the annual conference.