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Term Length: 2 years

President’s role and responsibilities: The President provides leadership and direction for the Association; serves as the primary representative of the Association; and has general charge and control of the Association business affairs and properties.

Specific Responsibilities:     

  • Preside over all Membership, Board, and Executive Committee meetings called
  • Plan and coordinate an annual retreat for Association leaders to provide training for Board members and Committee Chairs and to develop priorities for each Board year.
  • Represent the Association and communicate with other organizations and Associations, both locally and nationally, with elected officials, and with members of the public.
  • Invite appropriate representatives to the Annual Conference and other Association events.
  • Appoint Committee chairs and members as stipulated in Section 6 ensuring that a Director is included on each Standing or Special Committee.
  • Represent the Association at national conferences and professional meetings where such representation advances the Association’s mission.
  • Communicate with the membership through all appropriate communication vehicles.
  • Prepare an Annual Report of Association accomplishments for distribution to the Membership based, in part, on annual reports from Committee Chairs.
  • Communicate with new and outgoing Board members, committee chairs, and committee members, and their Administrators to acknowledge their responsibilities and contributions to the Association.
  • Appoint a parliamentarian as needed.


Term Length: 2 years

President-elect’s role and responsibilities: The President-Elect shall serve as the vice-president of the organization, as chair of the Election Committee, as well as liaison to the Annual Conference Planning Subcommittee. The President-Elect shall also serve on the Governance, Professional Development and Finance committees. The President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. The President-Elect shall become President of the Association at the completion of his/her term as President Elect.

Specific Responsibilities:  

  • Preside in the absence of the President at all official functions.
  • Represent the Association and serve as a delegate to national affiliate meetings at the request of the President. Become knowledgeable about the affairs of the Association in preparation for assuming the Presidency.

Carry out Conference Site Selection Responsibilities:

  • Plan for conferences to be held in the future
  • Select the location for future conferences and sign contracts
  • Determine the focus of annual conferences and provide this direction to the Annual Conference Planning committee as it begins its work.
  • Identify potential nationally and regionally known speakers for the annual conference and sign contracts, if necessary.
  • Recommend the names of Annual Conference Planning Committee co chairs to the President approximately 18 months in advance of the conference.