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Celebrate 25 years of the Permanent Endowment Trust:

A Quarter Million for a Quarter Century

The WEMTA Permanent Endowment Trust (PET),  established in 1992, has begun a fund raising campaign A Quarter Million for a Quarter Century to celebrate the 25th anniversary of PET in 2017.  Please participate in this campaign by making your tax deductible contribution to PET. Donations may be sent to the WEMTA Office at PO Box 44578, Madison, WI 53744-4578. Individuals are also encouraged to pledge annual contributions to PET. Please contact the PET committee at for information on making contributions, making a pledge, or applying for scholarships and grants.

The WEMTA PET has provided over $50,000 in scholarships and project grants to Wisconsin recipients. Contributions to PET are tax deductible and donors are honored through a cumulative giving program (details below). 


The WEMTA Permanent Endowment Trust makes it possible for WEMTA to offer  scholarships and outreach grants. Application forms are available here on our website on the Scholarship page. All applications for scholarships and grants are due December 15.

Scholarships are:

The Doctoral Studies Scholarship provides funding for a doctoral student enrolled in a university program that prepares educators of future school library media and instructional technology specialists.  

The Lowell Wilson Scholarship encourages strong leaders to gain the certification required for serving as Library Media and Instructional Technology Specialists in our schools. This scholarship provides funding to cover tuition costs for graduate level coursework leading to licensure. 

Outreach Grants fund innovative projects on an annual basis. Proposals should address one of three areas:

  • Programs and projects that provide a direct and recognizable benefit to WEMTA members
  • Programs and projects which support innovation in school library media or instructional technology programs
  • Community programs that promote partnerships within the profession 

Cumulative Giving Program:

WEMTA members and associates may contribute annually through a cumulative giving plan. Annual contributions are cumulative so donors can move to higher contribution level. PET has established the following recognition levels to acknowledge contributions:

(Note: WEMTA Permanent Endowment Trust Founders’ Club members are identified with an asterisk.)

  • Friend $20-$99
  • Associate $100-$249
  • Partner $250-$499
  • Benefactor $500-$749
  • Investor $750-$999
  • Pillar $1,000 & over

PET Contributors as of January 2017 are:

Pillar: Lowell Wilson*

Benefactor:  Kate Bugher, Jo Ann Carr, Jim Klein*

Partner:  Carolyn Cain*,  Renee Disch, Teri Iverson*, Ronald Klitzkie*, Eileen Schroeder, Michael Weber, Ralph Whiting*, Mary Lou Zuege.

Associate: Nelson Aakre*, Helen Adams*, James M. Bowen*, Richard R. Buck*, Miriam Erickson*, Mary Ann Blahnik, Carolyn Folke*, Sherry Freiberg*, JoAnn Gadicke*, Ruth Ann Gilbertson*, Michele Green, Harry Herbert*, Pamela Hill*, Dianne Hopkins, Lucy Rose Johns*, Thomas Kennedy* Mary Klein*, Neah Lohr, Fred Marini*, Laura Marusinec, Yolan Mistele, Julie A. Montes, Ralph A. Munger*, Cathy Retzer, Barbara J. Rosenthal*, Kathy Sanders, Stephen Sanders, Dale Simonson,  Barbara Swannack*, Terrance L. Thompson, Russ Truettner*, Ann Wolter*, Trudy Wodden*, James N. Zitzelsberger*.

Friend: Marcia Aas, Sonja Ackerman, Rachel Aspenson, Lori Barber, Tanya Bauer, Marilyn Berg,  Marta Bechtol, Nancy Biese, Kay Bienasz, Michael Blumenthal, Elmer Canik, Cara Cavin, Theresa D'Haeze, Carol Ebel, Val Edwards, Sharon Ellner, Judith A. Eulberg, V.M. Fearn, Jeffrey G. Gibson,  Grace Ann Hansen, Kathryn Hanson, Amy Healey, Melissa HIll, Todd Hilmer, Jo Ann Hudak, Nancy Jones, Allison Kaplan, Richard L. Kelly,  Kathy Klein, Kelly Knudeson, Sarah Lilly, Robin Mills, Gary Mohr, Amanda Moss, Linda Nemschoff, Melanie Olson, Carol O'Neil, Laurie Ollhoff, Vonna Pitel, Patricia A Premo, Marilyn Rasmussen, Betty Reiter, Rochelle Rogan,  Kristin M. Rose, Vicki Santacroce, Cathy Schroeckenthakler, Keith Schroeder, Richard Skyler, Lynn Slowiak, Annette Smith, Kathleen Steingraber, Carolyn Thomann, Teresa Voss, Jani Wagner, Julie Watson, Pat Wende, Deb Wolff, Susan Wood, Laurie Yingling, Deb Young.

AmazonSmile: WEMTA has designated AmazonSmile donations to PET. Click the  link below to direct a percentage of your Amazon purchases to PET:

PET Committee:
Jo Ann Carr, Chair
Renee Disch, WEMTA Treasurer
Jim Klein
Sandra Heiden
Sarah Wendorff, WEMTA Secretary
Donna Smith,  WEMTA Past President

Eileen Schroeder
For information or questions, please email PET at