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Membership: The Governance Committee will be chaired by the PastPresident. Membership will be comprised of the President-Elect, Secretary, Past-President, and the Members at Large. If the Past-President is unable to 
serve as chair, the President should appoint a Member at Large as committee chair.
The responsibilities of the Governance Committee are to:
  • Review the organization’s Bylaws and make recommendations for changes as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Review and draft changes to the Bylaws as recommended by the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure that amendments to the Bylaws occur according to established procedures and that they result in internally consistent documents.
  • Ensure that official copies of the Bylaws are true and accurate and contain a listing of amendments and dates of revision.
  • Review and update the Policy and Procedures Manual to reflect Board actions, Bylaws, and changes in Association Practice.
  • Review requests for SIGs and recommend approval or disapproval to Board.
  • Review compliance of SIGs with requirements identified in Bylaws, Article 
  • Maintain a file of current Bylaws documents from our affiliated organizations.