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Communications Committee


WEMTA has moved into using Google email, sites, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter as we develop a comprehensive look at our online presence to work as a board and to communicate with all our membership and others.

If you have any suggestions for WEMTA communications, please email Vicki Lyons, Chair, Communications Committee.

Our overall goal is to provide and maintain tools and processes for WEMTA's communication needs.  Below is a chart of our planned activities:


Person Responsible


Create a viable committee with working members to complete the tasks charged to the committee

Vicki Lyons, Chair

August, 2013

Hold Committee Meeting to Identify members who will be willing to complete the tasks below (working together or individually)

Vicki Lyons, Chair

August/September,  2013

Manager of the Communications Google Space, Blog, and Other tools creates a model of how to organize the internal storage for committees; Ask this person to create the Google and Blog Structure for all WEMTA Board Committees

  • See the document “WEMTA Communications Committee Social/Collaboration/Communication Account Information”
  • Keep Nancy Anderson in the loop on this development

Tina Heizman

September, 2013

Create Calendaring Tools

  • Get the main calendar for the internal google site set up for all committee chairs; then can it be published externally or can one external be created for the chairs so it is available on the blogs and on the website
  • Enable a calendar for each account and then a general Calendar for WEMTA
  • Have a searchable calendar for specific information or tags


September, 2013

Identify a Collaboration Tool

  • What is the tool that META is using as a collective area for sharing and discussion
  • Look at Vanilla Forums, constant contact
  • Provide a vehicle for PD realtime and archived trainings
  • Provide a place for a listing of ‘member experts’ in areas
  • Provide an area for mentoring (resources for our membership by our membership)
  • Provide an area for issues such as teacher effectiveness
  • Share this with the Executive Committee as part of the budget process


December, 2013

Create Guidelines for management of accounts

  • Who manages and creates the accounts – Communications Committee
  • All committee chairs need to have an email account
  • Conversation by the board on what to communicate out to the membership
  • Use the chart from Joel as the basis for the blog and account creation
  • Have committee chairs moderate their own to be able to delete; advocacy will need to approve anyone’s comments
  • Give all members access to the communications email and blog


September, 2013

Create Guidelines for use of the accounts

  • Ethical and Professional Guidelines for Using Social Networking
  • Remember you represent a professional organization – use WEMTA tag/logo
  • Check for quality, this is a publishable document
  • Share NO opinions, facts only
  • If there are any questions regarding what should be posted refer the question to the executive committee
  • NO vender promotions
  • Don’t over post
  • Scheduling and Managing Posts Who and When
  • Timeline and timeliness of posts set by each committee
  • Communications committee sets a method to manage and check for timely communication
  • Google domain and set Google calendar to show posting dates.
  • Executive and Communications, watch content to monitor


September, 2013

Work with Public Relations Committee to do Promotion of Communication Tools to Membership

  • How do we promote this to our membership
  • Educate our members and others on how to use WEMTA communication tools and where they are located


November, 2013