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Professional of the Year

The Association through this award recognizes a WEMTA member who has demonstrated individual excellence in the library, media, or educational technology profession through service to students, teachers, and the community at the K-12 level. This award is intended to recognize outstanding leadership and professionalism.

Criteria for Nomination:

  • The candidate must be an active member of the Association.
  • The candidate must show leadership in instituting policies and practices, which result in the improvement of curriculum and instruction.
  • The candidate must show a sustained effort toward worthy concepts of service.

Directions for Nominations:

  1. Complete the Award Nominations Form
  2. One page letter of recommendation from the school district superintendent, building principal, or supervisor.
  3. A narrative, not to exceed three (3) pages, describing the following:
    • His/her specific contribution to the concept of effective library, media, or educational technology services in your particular educational setting?
    • Contrast the present level of services with the past.
    • How his/her leadership and efforts are commendable.
    • A chart or narrative describing the following aspects:
      • List education and/or educational achievement of appicant, institution, and dates.
      • List achievements of applicants, description of achievement, and dates.
      • List leadership roles of applicant, description of role, and dates.
  4. Please submit all documents in PDF format by January 13, 2017 to WEMTA Awards Committee.