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Administrator of the Year

The Association through this award recognizes an administrator who has demonstrated individual excellence to the library, media, or educational technology profession through service to students, teachers, and the community at the K-12 level. This award is intended to recognize outstanding leadership and professionalism.

Criteria for Nomination:

  • The candidate must be nominated by an active member of the Association.
  • The candidate must show leadership in instituting policies and practices, which result in the improvement of curriculum and instruction.

Directions for Nominations:

1. Complete the online Award Nominations Form


2. Write a narrative, not to exceed three (3) pages, save it as a PDF file and send to WEMTA Awards Committee.
     Please address the following points:

  • His/her specific contribution to the concept of effective library, media, or educational technology services in your particular educational setting.
  • What other facets of his/her life contribute to this perception of excellence?
  • Submit as many documents, testimonials, etc. as are deemed appropriate to support this nomination.
  • How his/her leadership and efforts are commendable.
  • Remember all attachments must be in PDF format.

Submit the nomination form and narrative by January 13, 2017.