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K Bannigan WEMTA Conference
Sharing at the WEMTA Conference

Kimberly Bannigan
District Office, DeForest Area School District

Welcome to the current WEMTA website. (A redesign is in the works!) I hope that you discover the answers all of your questions about WEMTA and connect to the many services which we provide to our members. If you have a question about WEMTA services or a suggestion for how we can better serve your needs, please contact me.

WEMTA's Board is currently examining and working on action plans in four specific areas:

  1. Advocacy:  Are we  advocating and demonstrating impact of information and technology services to appropriate stakeholders?

  2. Focus and Relevance: Are we clear in our purpose and providing services that matter to our members?

  3. Communications: Are we communicating in a way that reaches and matters to our members and the greater Wisconsin educational community?

  4. Leadership: Are we doing everything we can to attract new leaders, develop and grow existing members and create a model of sustaining leadership?

Our membership reaches so many students and staff members, it is my hope that our organization helps you to be more effective and innovative. Whether it is professional learning or advocacy, WEMTA is here to help.